Creating compelling spaces in untended properties to build a better community.

With a focus on redeveloping older, unengaged buildings, Hicks Company takes pride in turning untapped properties into unbelievable living and workspaces.

From our very first venture in downtown Lufkin, Texas, to our newest project in Childress, Texas – we strive to breathe life into buildings so they become centerpieces in a community’s continuous efforts to grow.

It’s a dream that started with a small property in downtown Lufkin.

About Us

Turning a century-old hotel into a distinctive living and shopping experience, Hicks Company jumped started a revolution - transforming downtown Lufkin from a quiet, mostly legal office hub into a chic, unique shopping and dining experience.

Hicks Company is the brainchild of Mark Hicks, whose family helped establish Lufkin as a hub for the 12 counties that surround it.

Our Projects

Tome Catering Groundbreaking
Tome Catering at The Silo

Lufkin, Texas

Hotel Childress
Hotel Childress

Childress, Texas

Hotel Angelina
Hotel Angelina

Lufkin, Texas

Taylor-Woods Downtown Project
Taylor-Woods Building

Lufkin, Texas

Our unique spaces are developed for retail, dining, office and living spaces.

Available Properties for Lease


We want your tired, your weary, your older buildings that need a new purpose for a new life. We see such great potential in buildings people consider expendable and unfunctional.

Unique, interesting and unconventional living and workspaces can be created within the walls of these great old buildings. Using some of their former life, our repurposed old buildings not only are rediscovered, they become functional and a centerpiece to help communities jumpstart or maintain their growth.

Let's talk

Do you have a property that needs our special touch? Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members directly.